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CD1: CD player in kit with the Philips CD-PRO2

instruction manual
This kit is based on the Philips CD-PRO2 mechanism, one of the best mechanism available. Our kit is intended for the DIY construction of a high quality CD Player.

This are the basic part of the kit:

The two boards are supplied mounted and tested because of their complexity. In this way all the parts are tested before shipment.

CD-PRO2 mechanism:

This Philips CD-PRO2 mechanism (VAU 1254) is the evolution of the oldest CD-PRO (VAU 1252).
The most important difference are: Here you will find the PDF of the mechanical drawing of the CD-PRO2.
La meccanica CD-PRO2 Philips
 The CD-PRO2 have 2 different output: It is a complete CD-Player, with digital and analog output. The analog output is a 16 bit, not intended to be a high performance output. To increase the sonic performance we strongly suggest our external DAC: the DAC4 with I2S interface and analog output at 24bit.

Alluminium plate for the mechanism:

The CD-PRO2 must be mounted in the way that it work in suspension on its spring. This is very important because isolate the mechanism from external vibrartion.
For this reason we supply with the kit an alluminium plate with a specific shape for the assemblage of the suspension spring and the isolation rubber.
You must ensure a proper fixing of the plate to your cabinet.

For who need it, we can supply the cabinet CONT4 : it permit the assemblage of the CD1's kit, of the DAC4 and of the PRE4 in the way to realize a complete CD player.

Power supply board:

We have realized four different power supply regulator to lower as possible the interference of one with the other one. On the board you will find the protection fuse, diode bridge and the precision voltage regulator for every power stage.

You need four different AC power supply:

The power supply transformer are not includet in the kit: you can use your preferred tipe of transformer or, you you prefer, you can use our "C" nucle transformer.

The total filter bypass capacitor mounted on the power supply board is greater than 45.000uF to ensure a optimum filter. On the motor's power supply you will find more than 15.000uF: in this way the motor and the laser control cicuitry have a large reserve of power.

To prevent false and dangerous movements of the motor and expecially of the laser during the power-up/power-down, Philips suggest to first give +5V and then the +9V during the power-up, and take away the +9V and then the +5V during the power down.
We have realized a proper circuitry that sense the power supply directly from the AC input and make this sequence to ensure the correct operation. This will longer the life of the CD-PRO2 mechanism.

Control and display board:

The control board is equpped with a microprocessor that manage the DSA (six pole cable) comunication between the CD-PRO2 and the control board. It receive the power supply from the power supply board.
The microswitch is also connected on this board.
On the front panel's side you will find the 6 buttons to control the function of the player (STOP, PLAY, PREV, NEXT, FF, FR). You will find also the display (pay attention to it: it's very delicate) and the IR receiver for the remote IR control.

This board was thinked to simplify the assemblage of the unit: all the electronics components are mounted on one side and the display, buttons and IR receiver are mounted on the other side.

Le schede elettroniche del kit: alimentatore e pannello di controlloLa scheda elettronicha del pannello di controllo vista di lato

Connection cable:

With the kit are supplied the cabled used to interconnect the CD-PRO2 with the power suply and control boards. Every wire have a diffent colour and in the instruction manual you will find the table of the colour.
The female connector are polarized (you can fit it in the male connector on the CD-PRO2 only in one way) and are identified with a colour that you will find on the CD-PRO2 mecahism also.

Other parts:

With the kit you will receive all the other parts to complete teh kit.  
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